A Better Life

Registered Charity no. 1135934
regulated by the Charities Commission

We value life... and strive to help those in troubled or desperate situations here in the UK and in Mongolia. If we can change someones life for the better, in any way, then the time and effort taken by our fantastic team of volunteers is certainly worth while.

It is very important to ABL that you know how your money is spent. You will see exactly why and where every penny goes and feel proud that you have been part of changing someones life, forever, here in the UK or in Mongolia.

We thank everyone and anyone who has ever given their precious time and money to contribute to our projects and hope the following photo’s and information confirms how much you have changed lives for the better.       Liza, Leigh and the team.
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A Better Life



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We continue to fund family experiences for children and

teens in Hampshire who are having treatment for cancer

within the Piam Brown ward.

Providing days outs in london, the whole family have an opportunity to be together and have fun creating long lasting happy memories.