A Better Life.mn

Registered Charity no. 1135934
regulated by the Charities Commission



major sponsor- Hill Farm Garage (Mercedes Benz) Ltd


We have had the most amazing time over the last 8 years with an incredible team who have put so much time and effort into this event.

However, after much deliberation and soul searching Liza and Leigh feel it is time to bring the Wacky Races to a close and leave on a high note.

We have had such fun, excitement and laughter whilst raising money that has helped many local children and families suffering from cancer. These families have had wonderful Theatre experiences in London, which will remain in their memories long after their precious children have passed away. A memory of good times together. We have also housed destitute families in Mongolia every year since 2005 which is something to be proud of.
And all of this was possible through your help- SO WE WANTED TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING CREATIONS...
for your continued support over the years, your generosity, your creative skills, your design ingenuity, your inventiveness and lastly your COURAGE!

We do know how much the Wacky Races will be missed but all good things must come to an end.    A Better Life thanks you so very much

xx Leigh & Liza & all the hard working Team

Very Special thanks must go to Dave Vickers of Hill Farm Garage (Mercedes) Ltd who has been our main sponsor, financially and on the ground with manpower and back up before and after the event.

Thanks also goes to Kathi and Tim Knapman, who have moved live stock, cut tracks, created fencing and worked so hard before the event and on the day- what a team !