A Better Life

Registered Charity no. 1135934
regulated by the Charities Commission

Families housed
since 2005

Good luck
 in your new homes from all of us at 
A Better Life!


Our work in Mongolia mainly consists of locating families in need, often through the assistance of World Vision, Mongolia or our translator and team member Sara. Once a family have been identified, Sara will visit them, talk about their personal situation, their needs and their goals. We very much try to help families that want to help themselves. Our aim is to house a family in a Ger (traditional Mongolian tent) and provide basic needs but we hope that they can then find employment and start a new life.

We often re visit our families and it is inspiring to see how many families have various members in work and how the children are attending school.

housing families in need

providing traditional clothing

Sponsoring farmers to purchase greenhouses.

A big red tractors = fresh vegetables which are difficult to grow in the harsh Mongolian climate.

Purchasing farm animals, seeing the fruits of our labour and

the vital generator to pump fresh water from the river for everything!